5 common questions most new parents have!

As new parents, it is natural to be a little anxious about the arrival of a baby.

Becoming a parent for the first time is a beautiful, life-changing experience, but knowing that tiny human being entirely depends on us can at times feel a bit… overwhelming.

The good news is that no one walking this planet got it “all right” on the first go (and ever, probably), so you are not alone!

What is amazing though, is our ability to overcome these stresses and doubts by simply following our natural instincts. Pretty soon, you will find yourself taking care of everything and balancing your new life as a parent like a pro!

To help you along the way, I’ve got answers to some of the most common questions asked by new parents.

A little note: of course, this blog post does not replace the advice of a professional!

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Questions from new parents: How do I clean my baby’s umbilical cord?

The umbilical cord normally dries up and falls off in about a week or two. In the interim, you should wipe the area around it and keep it dry and clean to avoid any infection. Please consult your doctor if you notice any puss or stickiness in that area.

My baby cries too much – what can I do?

Babies cry for a number of reasons, it really is their primary way to communicate their needs – so as distressing as it can be to hear your baby cry, remember it is just part of the natural process.

The most common causes of tears are hunger, temperature regulation, colic, needing to be changed, or just feeling tired… so a good feed, some extra snuggles, and a change of nappy could solve the issue in most cases!

Also remember that, at times, babies just want to be picked up and held.

As a parent, you will also develop the ability to sense if there are other medical challenges that could cause your baby any discomfort.

Common questions from new parents: Is green… baby poop normal?

Again, knowing your baby is key and for most questions, there is no universal answer however, your baby has been feeding through the uterus for nine months, and this material is passed out for the first few days as dark green poop known as meconium.

It’s normal to be alarmed by this, but the good news is that it will slowly change and become lighter, or, if you’re nursing, it will eventually become a shade of yellow.

How do I bathe my newborn baby?

A bath isn’t necessary for the first few days since babies don’t generally get dirty.

A wipe-down is sufficient to clean your newborn especially if the umbilical cord is still attached. It is essential that you regularly clean your baby’s nappy area with each change and ensure that you use unscented wipes and soothing nappy cream to avoid any nappy rash.

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Common questions from new parents: When can I start feeding my baby solids?

Babies are wonderfully made, and their bodies are designed to absorb and process all the nutrients contained either in breast milk or formula. This alone sustains them for at least the first 5 to 6 months of their life outside the womb.

However, because each baby is different, your doctor may recommend introducing solids a little sooner.

Your doctor will also guide you and give advice on the process to follow for introducing solid foods and remember that by the time baby is ready for this you will also feel more confident as a parent.

And remember… lean in on your mama-instincts and it will all be ok!

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