What to pack in your hospital bag

You’ve set up your baby’s nursery, you’ve written your birth plan, and you’ve bought a car seat and installed it in your car. You’re pretty much set for the big day. All that’s left to do is to pack your hospital bag. There’s a lot to think about and prepare ahead of your baby’s arrival, so it’s a good idea to get your hospital bag ready about three weeks before your due date. It means there’s one less thing to

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5 common questions most new parents have!

As new parents, it is natural to be a little anxious about the arrival of a baby. Becoming a parent for the first time is a beautiful, life-changing experience, but knowing that tiny human being entirely depends on us can at times feel a bit… overwhelming. The good news is that no one walking this planet got it “all right” on the first go (and ever, probably), so you are not alone! What is amazing though, is our ability to

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Newborn Essentials: the ultimate baby shopping list

There are a million things to think of when preparing for your baby’s arrival. From health essentials to nappies, cots and toys, it seems that baby shopping and supplies are never-ending. And it’s quite true, actually. Even if you already have all that you need, there’s always the item that is just “too cute” to resist. On the other hand, some moms may feel a little overwhelmed by all the options out there. To give you some guidance, I’ve composed

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